Xanax 3mg (Alprazolam)

Xanax 3mg (Alprazolam)

Xanax 3mg (Alprazolam) is prescribed for treatment of diseases caused by excessive activity of neurotransmitters of the brain and increased excitability of the central nervous system:



Xanax 3mg (Alprazolam)

Xanax 3mg (Alprazolam) is prescribed for treatment of diseases caused by excessive activity of neurotransmitters of the brain and increased excitability of the central nervous system:

–     Anxiety

–     Neuroses

–     Pathological phobia

–     Feelings of anxiety and fear

–     Increased irritability

–     Sleep Disorders

–     Panic disorder

Xanax is used in case of somatic disorders that accompany emotional distress such as: tremors, convulsions, muscle pain.


Way of use xanax and dosage 


–     Xanax (Alprazolam) is available in tablets for oral use.

–     Begin to use Xanax (Alprazolam) with low dose of 0.5 mg 2-3 times a day.

–     The dose can be gradually increased up to 10 mg per day.

–     The maximum daily dose of 10 mg should be divided into 3 doses.

–     Take your medication no more than 3 months.

–     To reduce the risk of withdrawal syndrome, refusal of treatment should be provided gradually. Within a week, reduce the dose to 1 mg daily.

Self-administration of Xanax (Alprazolam) can harm your body, it is highly recommended to consult a qualified doctor who will prescribe the optimal dosing regimen and talk about precautions.

Panic DisorderThe successful treatment of many panic disorder patients has required the use of XANAX at doses greater than 4 mg daily. In controlled trials conducted to establish the efficacy of XANAX in panic disorder, doses in the range of 1 to 10 mg daily were used. The mean dosage employed was approximately 5 to 6 mg daily. Among the approximately 1700 patients participating in the panic disorder development program, about 300 received XANAX in dosages of greater than 7 mg/day, including approximately 100 patients who received maximum dosages of greater than 9 mg/day. Occasional patients required as much as 10 mg a day to achieve a successful response.
Dose TitrationTreatment may be initiated with a dose of 0.5 mg three times daily. Depending on the response, the dose may be increased at intervals of 3 to 4 days in increments of no more than 1 mg per day. Slower titration to the dose levels greater than 4 mg/day may be advisable to allow full expression of the pharmacodynamic effect of XANAX. To lessen the possibility of interdose symptoms, the times of administration should be distributed as evenly as possible throughout the waking hours, that is, on a three or four times per day schedule.Generally, therapy should be initiated at a low dose to minimize the risk of adverse responses in patients especially sensitive to the drug. Dose should be advanced until an acceptable therapeutic response (ie, a substantial reduction in or total elimination of panic attacks) is achieved, intolerance occurs, or the maximum recommended dose is attained.
Dose MaintenanceFor patients receiving doses greater than 4 mg/day, periodic reassessment and consideration of dosage reduction is advised. In a controlled postmarketing dose-response study, patients treated with doses of XANAX greater than 4 mg/day for 3 months were able to taper to 50% of their total maintenance dose without apparent loss of clinical benefit. Because of the danger of withdrawal, abrupt discontinuation of treatment should be avoided. (See WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, DRUG ABUSE AND DEPENDENCE.)The necessary duration of treatment for panic disorder patients responding to XANAX is unknown. After a period of extended freedom from attacks, a carefully supervised tapered discontinuation may be attempted, but there is evidence that this may often be difficult to accomplish without recurrence of symptoms and/or the manifestation of withdrawal phenomena.

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